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Dream House Nightmare
Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Jose Montesinos
Terese Aiello as Madison Dupree (as Terese G. Aiello)
Josh Carpenter as Francis
Jamie Gliddon as Casey
Heather Campos as Heather
Tenea Intriago as Destiny Dupree
Rachel G. Whittle as Theresa Wade
Ariadne Joseph as Officer Jones
Tony Beard as Tony (as Tony L. Beard)
David A Cole as Thom Wade (as David Anthony Cole)
Sherri Eakin as Hospital Receptionist
Brett Baker as Ethan Dupree
Storyline: A woman, once featured as Mother of the Year, is obsessed with owning a new-build house which she imagines will be a cure-all for her dysfunctional family of redneck husband and simple, epileptic daughter. When a doctor and his pregnant wife purchase the property, she employs increasingly dangerous ploys to terrorise the couple into moving out.
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Absolutely AWFUL movie! PLEASE, do yourself a favor and save two hours of your life. Do not watch this horrible excuse for a movie! This is a new low for LMN! I have to say, some of their recent movies were bad, but this one is the most pathetic and screwed up yet! Lifetime....You are beginning to suck even more worse than ever!
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