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F*&% the Prom
IMDB rating:
Benny Fine
Nicholle Tom as Principal Statszill
Michael Chey as Sweats
Mike Gray as James
Adan Allende as Emile / Mutey
Jill Cimorelli as Abbey / Tig
Meg DeLacy as City
Storyline: Maddy and Cole were inseparable friends until high school started and Maddy became the most popular girl on campus. When she starts feeling lonely and heartbroken, she reconnects with Cole and the duo conspire to destroy the ultimate teen popularity contest - the Prom.
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teen flick with a message
this is your regular teen flick about high school, popular kids , not so popular kids and yeah THE PROM and how different kids feel about it. it was very easy to watch this movie because female lead is an eye candy. she was hot and cute and acted well for this movie. you know what you are getting into given its name . and i was a little surprised and satisfied with its ending . there is not much comedy in this . all the characters are clichéd. but it is a time pass if you know what to expect. this is definitely not a dumb movie. it got a message about bullying and it was delivered well. all the other movies i saw on bullying talked about bullies or the kids who get bullied. whereas this movie talked about the other kids who stand and watch and doesn't do any thing about it.
The Title doesn't justify the Movie...
Its a nice movie and i really liked it. The movie isn't all about the prom or what the title says. Its the movie about friendship and the life in high school and the how some kids are bullied and some others are popular. The popular kids want be more popular and the bullied kid wants to more invisible.

I think the movie tries to convey that the high school is not all about prom, its about the memories you create and the friends you make. Yes, their will be one king and one queen but that doesn't mean that all other people are less in any way. Its just a tradition that followed for years and the high school life is much more than that.

The characters are good and their acting is fine, except the over dramatic school principle and the self praising father of the main character. Overall the movie is worth a watch to pass some time and can be enjoyed with family and friends.

I give it a 6.
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