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Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie
Adventure, Comedy, Family, Animation
IMDB rating:
Raymie Muzquiz, Stu Livingston
Tress MacNeille as Grandma / Homeless Woman (voice)
Danielle Judovits as Big Patty (voice)
Antoinette Stella as Stella (voice)
Gavin Lewis as Eugene (voice)
Laya DeLeon Hayes as Nadine (voice)
Jet Jurgensmeyer as Stinky (voice)
Mason Vale Cotton as Arnold (voice)
Benjamin Flores Jr. as Gerald (voice) (as Benjamin 'Lil' P-Nut' Flores Jr.)
Francesca Smith as Helga (voice)
Maurice LaMarche as Big Bob / Homeless Man #1 / Flunky Guard (voice)
Wally Wingert as Oskar / Mr. Hyunh / Homless Man #2 (voice)
Carlos Alazraqui as Eduardo (voice)
Dan Castellaneta as Grandpa (voice)
Storyline: Picking up where (1996) left off, this tells the story of what happened to Arnold's parents.
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The Long Awaited Conclusion We All Wanted...
Hey Arnold was a show I liked as a kid, but grew to love as an adult. When I heard that a movie was made to conclude the series, I was so excited. Overall, it was pretty good, but there were things I thought ruined the movie a bit:

Helga having footage of Arnold in the various episodes from the series due to the use of security cameras seems incredibly off to me. Her having something like this was never mentioned in the series, so her conveniently having all of this is testing my suspension of disbelief. I know the technology in the show has advanced due to the use of laptops and smartphones, but this was a bit of an stretch just for her to help Arnold win the contest.

Arnold's character is a bit off as well when he keeps a secret from his friends when talking with Eduardo about his parents and the Green- Eyed people. Why he would keep this a secret from his best friend Gerald is beyond me. Everyone knows Arnold's parents aren't around and even Gerald knows that he and Arnold were determined to find them in San Lorenzo. The liar revealed aspect when Eduardo was really La Sombra felt so unnecessary as well.

The great mystery with what happened with Arnold's parent was kind of dumb and a tad unrealistic. They caught the sleeping sickness and have been lying next to each other for 9 or so years in the temple with the Green-Eyed people. Apparently, only the adults caught this sickness, but the children for the most part were all fine. Kind of odd, if you ask me. Also, how could they still be alive if they have been lying dormant for all those years? They didn't age, their bodies didn't look malnourished or withering, and the chances of staying alive sound like they should have been slim.

The ending for this movie felt rather rushed and never built up enough emotion for me. While I have always wanted Arnold to be reunited with his parents, the whole reunion felt so lackluster and the emotion was incredibly minimal. The parents never convinced me once they woke up that this is the first time they have seen their son all grown up since their departure. They acted rather nonchalant as about this whole thing, which is where most of the emotional aspects fell flat.

Overall, the plot wasn't the greatest thing to conclude the series, but it was pretty serviceable with the following pros:

The characters for the most part match the same characters from the series in both wit and charm. Grandpa Phil and Grandma Gertrude were hilarious in this film. The animation, while different, was pretty good too. Helga's story arc of confessing her love for Arnold was also pretty good and the ending where they kiss was something we all wanted.

So, this film isn't perfect and has quite a lot of flaws, but for the most part, is a suitable conclusion for the series that we all have been waiting for.
Hey Arnold Returns
I really like the title "The Jungle Movie" – works well. It was a really good movie. Get to see some of your favourite characters. Brings back memories. There was actually another Hey Arnold movie prior to this one which was also really good, but it has no connection to The Jungle Movie, so if you haven't seen the original one, be sure to see it especially if you're a Hey Arnold fan. The movie follows two Hey Arnold episodes known as "The Journal", so it would make sense to watch these two episodes before you see the "The Jungle Movie" just to get more of a insight if you already haven't done so. If you have seen the TV series, you would know that little is known of Arnold's parents; in fact, he lives in a boarding house with his grandparents for all his life, yet his parents left him when Arnold was a baby. This movie will finally go into depth on what really happened to his parents. The TV series was great, and Hey Arnold was one of the most popular TV shows on Nickelodeon. I loved the show so much, and always use to watch them after coming back home from school. I know it was a popular TV show for millions of other people, and I don't think the majority have any idea that another Hey Arnold movie has finally been released after all these years, so it's important to get the message across to them. It feels kind of incomplete if you seen all of the episodes as well as the first movie, but not the second movie. I always had doubts whether this movie will ever be made, but in the end, I'm just glad it finally did despite the long wait. The movie should've happened a lot sooner. The story was good and interesting – a must see!!!!!!
Fantastic and instant hit!
To be honest, I had not seen an episode of Hey Arnold in years. A few months back, I bought the entire series on DVD from Shout Factory. I remember some episodes that I loved when I had first seen them. Ones such as Ghost Train, Married and Field Trip were etched upon my mind forever.

For about a year, I had heard of the upcoming release of The Jungle Movie. All year, this... and the final installment of Samurai Jack was what I looked forward to the most.

The Jungle Movie did not disappoint.

The only thing I didn't like about the film was that it was predictable. I knew that guy wasn't Eduardo. The characters are all still the same. It would have been nice if some of them had a life changing experience over the years.

My favorite part comes near the end of the film. Here we see how much Helga really loves Arnold. Very touching and heartwarming scene.

Thanks Mr. Bartlett for giving us such a grandiose film. We love you!
A nostalgic adventure with closure...
The Jungle Movie is an interesting departure from the show's traditional format. Hey Arnold! was notable for being the only Nicktoon that had a therapeutic, life-like structure to its story and characters. Shows like Rocko's Modern Life, Fairly Odd Parents, Rugrats, and SpongeBob SquarePants were and still are highly energized and somewhat irreverent, but Hey Arnold! was much the contrary. It was a level-headed chronicle of a loyal and big-hearted child making friends out of enemies, assisting his community, and enduring typical coming-of-age scenarios. This slice-of-life stuck out intriguingly well amongst Nickelodeon's library of fast-paced and chaotic cartoons.

That being said, The Jungle Movie is an adventure film through and through, borrowing elements from Raiders of the Lost Ark (which was one of Molina's earliest film roles) and the Indiana Jones series in general. We follow Arnold, his best friend Gerald, and his secret admirer Helga as they brave the dangers of the South American wilderness, and a pitiless villain. It's quite jarring (yet thrilling) to see these young, timeless characters in genuine peril and watch how they work together to make it out alive. Heck, we even see some of bad guys get killed in non-gory over-the-top comeuppances that most Indiana Jones villains succumb to.

Not only is the film a nostalgic trip down memory lane for old school Nicktoon fans, it's also a pleasurable nod to classic adventure cinema, with some colorful, well-animated effects, surprisingly reveals, fun action set-pieces, and a straightforward character- driven story to back it all up. One of the film's emotional highlights was witnessing the numerous cameos of one-time characters that Arnold had helped out. I personally wish I saw more of the supporting characters other than a few winks and smiles, but that's just sentimentality talking. Overall, I really enjoyed Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie. I'm so glad old cartoons with loose ends from my childhood are receiving closure, and I hope it keeps happening.
Hey Arnold!
When "Hey Arnold" ended over a decade ago, the creators wanted to resolve the plot with Arnold finding his missing parents and him recuperating Helga's feelings. For the longest time, this movie was said to be unfilmable. The original series wasn't as good as say "SpongeBob Squarepants" or "Invader Zim" but it was still pretty awesome. It was probably the focus on the side characters that made it so good. That's why I'm a bit disappointed they didn't use them that much here. Okay, they actually did get some really good lines here. I especially loved Rhonda hearing they wouldn't tell the Wii-Fii password. She says, "You monster!" and now they have to change it.

We get great parts in the beginning where we see a montage of all the people Arnold helped throughout the show's run and how one person like him really can make all the difference. I love his attitude towards Helga in this movie, particularly with how it comes full circle with how he's aware of her crush on him. They do still kind of keep it secret at the very end. I admit I knew Eduardo was the villain in disguise. This still has great animation and properly concluded a great show. This is why I watch Nickelodeon now. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving I suppose! ***1/2
Fine conclusion to a great show
Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie- after all these years an ending to the show with a resolution for Arnold on his missing parents. The hype around this TV movie was understandably huge. I tried to stay cautiously optimistic. Especially so after seeing the initial teaser with the new voices and character designs. After seeing the movie in it's entirety I'll say that the heart of the show is present in this movie as is the weight of the unresolved conclusion to the series from "The Journal." While I greatly appreciate and admire Craig Bartlett and the people that made this movie possible, that didn't stop me from taking a few notes about things that I felt were off about the movie. Who am I and why does my opinion matter? It doesn't, really. It's an opinion. I have a background in 2D animation and am an avid fan of the show. I guess I'm doing this to process my feelings after this epic conclusion to one of my favorite Nicktoons. If you're still with me then here we go.

Things I liked

The music: The familiar jazzy sounds from Jim Lang are of course present in this movie and are a nice blast from the past.

The backgrounds: The background art in the movie is great to look at and true to the series' background paintings- right down to the colored pencil textures.

The characters: For the most part, this movie stayed true to the character traits of the series and thank goodness for original voice actors returning such as Francesca Marie Smith as Helga and Dan Castellaneta as Grandpa.

Things I felt were off- Here's my time to be picky.

* Voices: Like I said, returning cast members contributed greatly to the nostalgia in this. Understandably so the voices of many of the kids (minus Helga, Harold, Phoebe, and Mr. Simmons to name a few) were different. Arnold's actor did an alright job except some of the whisper-talking was a little too much (although we can thank our lucky stars that Alex D Linz was too grown for the job. No offense to Mr. Linz but I can barely watch those last few episodes with that cracky Max Keeble voice). Helga sounded like helga, and the aforementioned sounded great too. Gerald's actor was also an okay comparison to Jamil Walker Smith.

* Character Designs: The new "updated" character designs- albeit expected and necessary, came with some weirdness. Pupil size has a weird inconsistency and often they're big like old episodes of The Simpsons. Also aging Mr. Simmons often looked creepy to me- "Eh very creehpeyy," as Mr. Hyughn says.

* Pacing: At 81 minutes plus commercials, the movie finds minor pacing issues from me. If Craig and the crew had it their way I'm sure the movie could have been a full two hours but that's TV. We don't need to dwell on the city setting and talk about the forthcoming adventure for an hour before it starts- but it only took about 15 minutes for Arnold and the gang to end up in South America.

* Smartphones. Or iPods? What year does this take place again?

* Helga's almost-confession on the boat was really weird and out of nowhere. And then she tears up the locket photo. Is the other movie not canon as far as Helga's confession of love?

* Arnold's parent wake up after how long? 13 years? And their first response to seeing their son feels lackluster. Not even a hug is exchanged. And not to get too real, but how did they survive? Shouldn't they have starved? Suspension of disbelief...Suspension of disbelief...

* The ending flashes forward to after Arnold gets home and for some reason he forgets he traveled home from San Lorenzo with his parents because of a nightmare? At least this is insinuated by a line from his dad. His folks walk with him to school and the doors of PS 118 close behind with a white heavenly glow behind Miles and Stella as the series comes to a literal close- at long last.

If you're still with me thanks for reading my thoughts on this. Please remove any trash you may have left behind and exit out the doors to your right. Thanks to Craig Bartlett, thanks to Nickelodeon, and thanks to us loyal fans for being vocal about our love for this great show.
After 15 years, it does not disappoint
After the show was unfortunately pulled, with the supposed flop the original movie had, this was a great way to tie loose ends for the older fans of the series. It was also nice of the creators to include fan theories to either prove or disprove them.

Glad they finally made and completed the movie. Even if it didn't do well, it was a great way to end the series. It's be nice for a couple new seasons, but I wouldn't hold your breath. Overall I think this was a great movie and and the one were promised to tie up the series.
This is the movie we have all been waiting for.
It captures the spirit of the original show perfectly in which it kept all of the heart that made Hey Arnold so memorable. The new voice actors did a great job voicing the characters, especially Arnold's new voice (He did go through several voice actors throughout the series). Hey Arnold The Jungle Movie is the perfect conclusion to such a classic show that ended so long ago and I will always remember this like how I remembered episodes like "Parents Day" and "The Journal"
A welcome return to a beloved series!
"Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie" was everything that I was hoping for. Craig Bartlett and Nickelodeon did not disappoint with this movie at all. Most of the original cast returns after a fifteen year hiatus with a few new additions for the roles of Arnold and Gerald for instance. Meanwhile, others like Francesca "Franny" Marie Smith (Helga G. Pataki) and Anndi McAfee (Phoebe Heyerdahl) reprise their respective roles as well, which was a pleasure to hear. All actors and actresses were absolutely wonderful in this the film and it's as if they never left the series (when speaking in terms of the original cast).

The main plot of the film centers around Arnold Philip Shortman (his actual full name) wanting to find his parents. With the help of Helga and a few of Arnold's classmates, him and the kids in his class eventually win a contest to San Lorenzo, Argentina where they meet up with Eduardo, who was a longtime friend of Arnold's parents. While on a boat, Eduardo and Arnold then bring up the topic of Arnold's parents in which case Eduardo agrees to help Arnold with his quest. Eduardo then gives Arnold a pendent from the "Green-Eyed People." Not long after, however, we find out that "Eduardo" is really "La Sombra" in disguise, who is a river pirate that has plans to steal the "Corazon" which is an ancient and valuable artifact that would help the Green-Eyed People cure a dreadful "sleeping" disease that is plaguing their community.

Once "La Sombra" reveals his true identity, he holds Arnold and his classmates hostage in a camp, only for them to break out not long after thanks to Phoebe's quick technological thinking. With a map in hand, Arnold, Gerald, and Helga then set off to solve the mystery of Arnold's parents once and for all. Once they reach the end of the map, Gerald falls through a bed of flowers into a deep dark cave and the rest of them follow which then leads them to the Green-Eyed People's Community. Not long after that, La Sombra reappears thanks to the pendent that he gave Arnold, which is revealed to be a tracking device. His plans to steal the Corazon fail when the real Eduardo appears. When La Sombra attempts to steal the Corazon, he is shot in the head with a poisonous arrow that came directly from where the Corazon is housed. Eduardo and the kids then start fighting him until La Sombra is tossed off the side of the cliff and falls to his death...although the Corazon soon falls off the cliff as well and it is never seen again.

Feeling as if he has failed and let down the Green-Eyed People, his parents and his friends, Arnold, Gerald, Helga and Eduardo all return to the Green-Eyed People's Community and inform the leader there that they have lost the Corazon. Looking at the murals on the wall, however, Helga hatches a plan. She ends up relinquishing her infamous locket with Arnold's picture in it and puts it in the center of a tribal device that instantly cures the "sleeping" disease that has plagued the Green-Eyed People's community for decades. This also cures Arnold's parents as well, who have been "sleeping" for about nine years or so. Knowing that his parents are alive, Arnold reunites with them and it flashes forward to Arnold waking up in his bed at the boarding house. Hoping that he's not dreaming, he runs downstairs to find Mr. Potts, Mr. Hyunh, Mr. Kokoshka and Arnold's Grandma and Grandpa in the dining room all complaining about food. Less than a minute later, however, his parents emerge from the kitchen. From then on, he gives them a hug and they tell him they have plans for the day. Not missing a beat, Arnold reminds them that he has to go to school which they agree and offer to walk him there. They do so and Arnold and his parents walk to his school and the movie ends.

I should also note that Helga does end up confessing her love to Arnold with this film as well. He also finds out that she loves him thanks to Helga giving up her locket in exchange for saving the Green-Eyed People's community from the "sleeping" sickness...along with the fact that she helped him win the San Lorenzo contest by putting together a tribute video to all the people that Arnold has helped over the years. Moreover, it also appears as if Mr. Simmons is homosexual, which has been just one of many long standing rumors with the show over the years. He is seen hugging a man at the airport who is presumably Peter from the Thanksgiving episode. Creator Craig Bartlett also confirmed the orientation of Mr. Simmons a while back during an interview as well.

In any case, Bartlett has suggested that if this film is received well enough, in which it looks like it might be, then Nickelodeon might greenlight a possible sixth season of "Hey Arnold!" In my opinion, however, they really should just put this series to bed after this movie. Being that Arnold found his parents, which was one of the main question marks around the show, the story in itself now appears to be complete.

In summary, no matter if you are a die hard fan or not, WATCH this movie! You will NOT be disappointed! Bartlett and Nickelodeon REALLY hit a home run here!

On that note, I will DEFINITELY be picking this one up when it releases to Blu-Ray/DVD!
Best Thing Nickelodeon Has Done in Years!
When I first heard about Hey Arnold The Jungle Movie back in 2011,I was shocked that it was cancelled. When it was announced that Nickelodeon is bringing back Hey Arnold with The Jungle Movie,I got very excited.

So,now since Hey Arnold The Jungle Movie is now released,what do I think of this movie?

I really loved this movie!

This has got to be the best thing Nickelodeon has ever done in the past decade!

What do I love about this movie? Well for starters,the animation is really top notch,sure the CGI Green Eyed People temple was not the best but overall the animation is really good and gives a good Hey Arnold feel to it.

The characters are so well handled here,especially Helga(my favorite character in Hey Arnold)

Helga's locket as the key to saving the green eyed people and Arnold's parents was mind blowing!

When Arnold reunited with his parents and Arnold kissing Helga made me feel that I got my closure that I,as a Hey Arnold fan deserve.

As a result,I give Hey Arnold!:The Jungle Movie a

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