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USA, Belize
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Laura E. Davis, Jessica Kaye
Storyline: When Mara returns to her childhood home of Belize for her father's 70th birthday, she brings her new lover Aaron and hopes to reconnect with her estranged father and brother Ben who both live there. She is surprised when Linda, her father's protégée, picks them up; Linda tells Mara that her father has just died. Mara is upset but lies about calling Ben. Linda brings them to a gathering in honor of her father and Mara and Aaron sleep alone at his house. Furious he wasn't informed, Ben barges in on Aaron and Mara there, and tensions build between the three of them. Mara runs off for a tryst with Aaron, and Ben overdoses on their father's medications, forcing Mara to care for him. The wake starts, an all-night affair, and Mara, drunk, reveals buried secrets about her father, changing irrevocably the relationships of those closest to him.
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