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Lazer Team 2
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Daniel Fabelo, Matt Hullum
Colton Dunn as Herman
Hunter Gustafson as Reporter
Jeffery Gray as US Army Sergeant
Cotie Domm as Soldier
Daniel Giordano as Soldier
Drake Foley as Soldier
Judy Branning as Reporter
Nichole Bloom as Maggie
Gavin Free as Woody
Kirk C. Johnson as Officer Vandenbloom
Burnie Burns as Hagan
Storyline: A few years after Lazer Team has saved the planet from Aliens, Woodrow "Woody" Johnson was kidnapped, and is now lost somewhere in the Galaxy. A girl by the name of Maggie has received an encrypted alien file that leads into Woody's kidnapping, And now Lazer Team must try and find him.
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HQ DVD-rip 720x300 px 529 Mb h264 870 Kbps mkv Download
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