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Crime, Drama, Action, Fantasy
IMDB rating:
Vitae Nas
Dylan Duffus as Thuggy
Bambi Bains as Zara
Shortie as Dredd
Winston Showan as Spikey
Ray Sinclair as Frank
Tom Zanetti as Ronnie
Dr. Zeus as Crow
Roach. Killa as Carlos
Sunjay Sharma as Tukka
Cameron Caan as Shokka
Scorcher as Diesal
Storyline: An elder brother who lived a life of crime but left to show his younger brother the lifestyle is not fit for anything. Years later his younger brother takes his footsteps in the life of drugs/crime, to a deal gone wrong his younger brother is murdered, his elder brother steps back into his crime ways and to find and avenge his younger brother's death.
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Not a good movie A wannabe Grand Theft Auto movie Don't watch it. Also it's not available in the u.k Because on how rubbish it is Only in other countries where no one knows who they are.

The director doesn't even know what he is doing Nas vitae good luck on becoming a director. Not
If you can read this - AVOID
This film is only let down by the script, the acting, the directing and the credibility. If you make it to the end I'd love to have a discussion about how the accents go from West Mids to Lahndarn Tarn mid sentence. I'm very confused as to the one dimensional portrayal of one mans revenge against a pretty simply structured drugs cartel. I'd also like to know where the tank shop is. I think someone confused life with a copy of Grand Theft Auto here... chucked in a couple of, "street" words and annointed themselves Gangsta... It's moderately better than Big Dave Courntenay's Full English Breakfast... though I'm pretty sure he was using that as a tax dodge. Just why... watch it and you'll be asking yourself the same...
Shokka (Cameron Caan) is looking for the dirty rat who killed his brother who was involved in the drug trade. The film has hot cars and a few voiceless hot women. The film is mostly Shooka talking to people, some shooting, and oh yea, the tank. Cameron Caan had an angry grimace look that made him look more constipated than mad. He can't act and lead a group of non-actors.

The opening had an odd statement by writer/directer/etc. Nas Vitae that it took him 10 years to make this stinker because "they" (whoever "they" are) prevented him because he is an unfit father who doesn't know his left from his right. I am not sure how that factors into it as they are films with far more controversial subject matter than this tripe.

Guide: F-word. Brief sex and nudity.
A GTA style film
At first i was confused by the story, it had a lot of confusion to the story line but towards 35Minutes it gets interesting the action kicks in, the GTA style no F**ks given, killing everything that comes their way, not the usual UK film iv watched it has a creative style, either this was a serious film made to look a bunch of fun, throwing in super cars, tanks, shootouts, car chase, explosion! it seems the budget was spent wisely, i suggest you should give it a watch!!
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