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Drama, Biography
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David Gordon Green
Clancy Brown as Big Jeff
Kate Fitzgerald as Aunt Karen (as Katherine Fitzgerald)
Michelle Forziati as Jill Hurley
Nate Richman as Big D
Patty O'Neil as Aunt Jenn (as Patricia O'Neil)
Sean McGuirk as Bill Hurley
Frankie Shaw as Gail Hurley
Lenny Clarke as Uncle Bob
Carlos Sanz as Carlos
Miranda Richardson as Patty Bauman
Tatiana Maslany as Erin Hurley
Jake Gyllenhaal as Jeff Bauman
Storyline: Stronger is the inspiring real life story of Jeff Bauman, an ordinary man who captured the hearts of his city and the world to become a symbol of hope after surviving the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.
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A Good Film Made Great by its Powerhouse Performances
Stronger is a very well told narrative, enhanced by rich performances from Jake Gyllenhaal and Tatiana Maslany. Gyllenhaal has been one of my favorite actors for years now. Every time he is in a movie, he turns in an absolutely brilliant performance, and Stronger is no exception. From the opening scene, I didn't see Gyllenhaal on screen; all I saw was Jeff Bauman. He is a chameleon of an actor, and he transformed once again for this film. His performance is rather subtle for most of the movie, but he has certain scenes where he bursts with emotional outbreaks, and it's truly commendable acting. Playing off of him was Tatiana Maslany. I know she's a brilliant actor from her work on Orphan Black, and I was happy to see her on the big screen. I don't think she was as good as Gyllenhaal was, but one of her strengths in the film was not stealing the spotlight. The story is about Gyllenhaal's character first and foremost. She has a very important role, but she is not the focus of the story. And Maslany knew that. She certainly had her scenes where she showed what she could do, but all of her acting was in service to keeping the focus on Gyllenhaal, making it a rather mature performance.
Good performance of....
The movie itself is OK, with a strong performance by Jake Gyllenhaal and the rest of the cast. Having said that, i simply can not look past the fact that this event was staged and that this is the second higher budget movie about this event. Jeff Bauman is a hoaxer and should be put in front of a firing squad along with every single person who participated in this horrendous lie. "Jeff Baumans" real name is Nick Vogt. He was a US Army officer, who lost both of his legs in Kandahar, Afghanistan, while serving in the military. For more info search "Jeff Bauman Hoax".
Exterior Strength Fails
Jeff slaves away in the meat department at Costco. Amputated animal limbs are cured under his supervision. He does a passable job, and only leaves a mess every so often as he punches out. His charm fills the gaps in his work ethic, and his co-workers lift his weight out of admiration.

Fringing on the side of laziness, Jeff coasts on his ability to win his peers over. The one person immune to his sly likability is Erin. They have been on again, off again several times, and now Jeff is determined to get back on the vessel and stay for good. Erin's hesitation is echoed by her sister's face as Jeff approaching them at the pub.

Using Erin's upcoming marathon run as an in, Jeff steals her donation jar and proceeds to go on a fundraising venture throughout the bar. Embarrassed, but also significantly tickled, Erin drives away smirking when he promises to be waiting for her at the finish line. She knows all too well that he never shows up.

Patty, Jeff's mother, still makes him breakfast every morning. They are tight to one another. Too tight in Erin's eyes. He holds onto childhood traditions and expectations. Jeff has made a profession out of sliding by, and his family enables an ignorant worldview of tribalism.

Boston is a nation state. A brotherhood of macho denial. All things are taken personally, and aid is spat upon. The Bostonian tribe is one of defiance and egomania. When attacked, the community diminishes victims to numbers on a scorecard. The red pinstripes and the golden B's are larger heroes than the blue scrubs and Kevlar overalls.

Jeff becomes a symbol of this gross displacement of value, and vomits up the poison. Feeling the hopes of thousands crushes him to the bathroom tile. His attempts at standing come with the baggage of victory. He is beating the enemy by living and growing stronger news reports say, but he has lost. Terrorism won; now a city is forced to rewrite history, and breaking an 86-year drought does not come close to evening the score.
Skip This Movie, Read The Book
Jeff Bauman is an amazing and nice guy who went through the hell of losing both his legs in the Boston Marathon bombing of 2013, and became a huge inspiration to the people of this (Boston) area, the nation and the world. His book captured his experience with gratitude, a down to earth likable personality, and humor. None of those qualities made it into the movie, which unfortunately does him a huge disservice. The biggest problem is that virtually everyone in this pic is hugely unlikable. Hollywood also thinks that Lenny Clarke has to be in every Boston movie. There's no sense of the bigger story of the bombing and how the community truly rallied around the injured. Bauman moves back in with his alcoholic mother -- a second floor apartment, with stairs, with no modifications made for a double amputee -- and everybody goes on like nothing happened. Just not accurate. I understood that the point is that reality wasn't as inspirational as it seemed, but they depicted Bauman having an angry flashback/violent outburst when he appeared at the Bruins game to wave the flag just weeks after the bombing. Watch the video of the real event and see the pure joy on his face that boosted a whole city. It was lousy how they changed that. A few graphic scenes just not necessary. I also don't get why Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez was given a cameo when nobody else was, he was really out of place. The man who saved his life, Carlos Arredondo, is himself an amazing man and an inspirational activist who was portrayed as a sad sack whom Bauman had no desire to meet. This was also not true. On the whole I was disappointed by how ungrateful (or lazy!) Bauman was made to look, when gratitude and spirit came across so forcefully in the book. So I'm glad the movie is doing well, I'm glad people like it, and I hope it makes a lot of money. But read his book to get the real, much more amazing and inspiring story. Bauman will need financial support for the rest of his life.
Some fantastic performances, solid film
I don't really think this film does anything too extraordinary. The good thing is that it could have been a lot more sentimental, hokey, and contrived than it is. On the other hand, it doesn't really do a lot of things to elevate it to greatness. It's a pretty straight-forward film with the usual structure for inspiring films like this. The aspect that does elevate it to greatness is the acting. Jake Gyllenhaal is really strong, but perhaps even stronger is Tatiana Maslany. She showed everyone her acting talent as the lead(s) in Orphan Black, and it's great to see her talent in film. She's amazing here, doing so much with such an internal, quiet character. I hope this film helps her get even more film roles.
Tatiana Maslany steals the thunder from Jake Gyllenhaal!
There I said it. While the critics have been going mad over the performance of Jake Gyllenhaal and rightfully so, I walk a different path. To me this movie was never about Jeff, it was about Erin. Can anyone for once, put himself in her shoes and think what would he have done? Tatiana Maslany answers that question with perfection. Perhaps for a lot of people she might be relatively new, but those who have seen her in Orphan Black knew that her performance in this movie was going to be amazing. She plays over a dozen characters in that TV show, and all with such excellence that you forget that it is just one actor, you could only imagine what she was going to do with just one. The helplessness, the agony, the pain that she shows in this movie is beyond the approach of any actor. Her talent is far beyond any Oscar trophy. I say that because the world has been sleeping on her since forever. Yes, I just dedicated my entire review to Maslany's admiration, but honestly, words can not do justice to the sheer talent that is Tatiana Maslany! You can find tons of reviews telling you about how great Jake is, and how he makes you feel for him and all that emotional stuff, but the real hero here is Erin.
Very average bio
I have the greatest respect for Gyllenhaal's acting abilities, and in this film he is quite impressive as a handicapped person, after being seriously wounded by the Boston Marathon bomb blast of 2013. In particular, I had never thought of how painful it can be just to remove dressings from your wounds, and Gyllenhaal conveys it in a sound piece of acting. Sadly, he has far too many silences that annoy rather than allow the viewer to understand the nature of his predicaments.

Gyllenhaal is potential Oscar material and he might get a nomination here, but he has done better (PRISONERS and NIGHTCRAWLER, for instance). I doubt he will get it on this ticket, where his message, especially his eye message, is not always clear (more through poor direction than incompetent acting).

I was greatly impressed with Tatiana Maslany's performance, in a much smaller role, but one that completely comes to life. Miranda Richardson is also very good in a thankless role as the oft-drunk mother.

I was not impressed with the direction or the screenplay. It would have been more interesting if more attention were given to Bauman's part in helping to identify the perpetrators of the Boston attack. There is a great deal of waffling and dithering, pointless dialogue, and 30 minutes less would not have hurt the film.

Distinctly average bio: 5/10
you don't owe me anything..

Breeding the suffer and relinquishing the hope in some heartbreaking scene; Jake Gyllenhaal breathes Jeff Bauman's life, with the help of David's wide vision and John's tight adaptation which tears you down instead of cringing on the seat.
To the top reviewer
The top reviewer on IMDb complains that this movie is too patriotic? What? Its a movie about an American who was watching the Boston marathon in the United States of America. They complain that it doesn't have anything to do with the rest of the world. Well, that's because this movie didn't have anything to do with the rest of the world. If you wanted to watch something that does, why in the world would you watch this movie and then complain about it? Makes no since. You sound upset about how Americans are too patriotic. Thats like me going to a website from the Netherlands, commenting on a movie made in the Netherlands about a citizen born in Netherlands and then complaining that the movie is too patriotic. You would hopefully think that sounds absurd, which is why I do as well. Sounds like you might have some deeper issues going on.

But back to the movie. This is a good, not great, movie dealing with one man's struggles after the Boston marathon bombings. Its a little slow in parts but overall recommended. I do not recommend you seeing this however, if you are, like the top reviewer, not in the mood for a movie about an American citizen living in the United States of America and dealing with a traumatic event.
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