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The Legend of 420
Comedy, Documentary
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Peter Spirer
Henry Rollins as Himself
Abdullah Saeed as Himself
Josh Adam Meyers as Himself
Shaun Attwood as Himself
Bonita Money as Herself
Tommy Chong as Himself
W. Earl Brown as Himself
Jason Mraz as Himself
Storyline: A comedy documentary outlining the progression of the ever growing cannabis industry.
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Awesome Doc!
The filmmakers did a fantastic job at putting this doc together. It was effective at explaining the marijuana industry both on the recreational and political level. It even had some good comedy bits thrown in there as well. It's a must see documentary about marijuana and the recent changing laws, while being both funny and informative. It offers a number of serious arguments of why cannabis should be decriminalized, to a variety of subjects including growers, transporters and artists. It also shows different uses of cannabis in medicine and cooking, and it isn't just about a bunch of stereotypes of stoners. We learn that cannabis can be used to help veterans with PTSD and lots more. It's a awesome doc that shows how great the benefits are of cannabis, and I would definitely see this doc again as well as recommend it to others!
Great movie I love 420
What a great movie. It was very fun to watch how people were feeling healthier with cannabis and happier. To see the changes help individuals with seizure's. It was cool to see how people who hate marijuana would end up changing philosophies when seeing the positive effects and help people. It was also, funny seeing comedians telling their crazy jokes about weed. I also, loved seeing the topless pro weed chicks. I loved the statistics with how being high and driving is safe than being drunk and driving. I did not like the whole god believing part to this movie, but I do think weed is here for us humans to gain a happier life style. I would love to work with these activists all over the world.
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