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Wolf Warriors II
Drama, Action, War
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Jacky Wu
Yunzhi Chen as Yu Fei's Brother
Paul Allica as Mercenary
Haifeng Ding as Captain Zhang
Qian Yu as Bida Qian
Hans Zhang as Zhuo Yifan
Shanshan Chunyu as Lin Zhixiong
Gang Wu as He Jianguo
Celina Jade as Rachel Prescott Smith
Nan Yu as Long Xiaoyun
Frank Grillo as Big Daddy
Storyline: China's deadliest special forces operative settles into a quiet life on the sea. When sadistic mercenaries begin targeting nearby civilians, he must leave his newfound peace behind and return to his duties as a soldier and protector.
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A break through movie in China
Rencently,a movie named"wolf warrior"refresh the record of ticket office time and time,which stimulate my curiosity extremely.After I went out from the cinema,I still can not calm my heart down.The story in the movie connected with the politic closely.The VFX is truer than ever before.
Badly acted, most overrated film of the year
Sadly, this is what passes as "high standard" in Asian cinema these days. Like a fool, I believed the over-the-top exaggerated claims of its greatness and came out feeling like I had wasted 2 hours of my life that I can't get back. The theme is silly and the acting is awkward, overall a amateur film.
Taking it to a whole different level ...
And that is on more than just one side ... just the fact that the budget got multiplied meant you could do way crazier things. And believe me, when I tell you, that there is a lot of crazy stuff in there (stunt wise that is, action set pieces and more). Now the first one was good itself, it was especially criticized for it's very patriotic view on China. Something that US movies do on a regular basis ... but that's a different story.

So this one cut back a bit, but still could be considered slight propaganda. Chinese flag and all, but I guess if you want to make a movie this big, you need all the help you can get. So Jing Wu is back and the sequel substitutes Scott Adkins with Frank Grillo. Different actors, different styles. But Wu has more than one problem on his hands ... so story wise you shouldn't expect too much. But as I said, the action is phenomenal and watching it with like minded friends will give you a lot of pleasure. This does not pretend to be anything else than it is ... and it's really good
Captain China 2: Rumble in Africa
Wolf Warrior 2 is a huge improvement over the first one when it not takes itself too seriously and embrace 80s-90s American war movie very well.Wu Jing back again as the director plus main character Leng in his dangerous mission yet and with the power can defy the laws of physics whenever he fighting on the battlefield or riding a tank.Action scenes are big and loud so you need to focus on the screen or else you will miss something very dumb and awesome just happen.It real suck cause there no fight scene for Celina Jade but the thing i'm most disappointed is Frank Grillo as the big bad guy Big Daddy when he just sit there doing jack sh*t until the last 20 minutes.I'm totally on board for Wolf Warrior 3 now and i need Hollywood casting Wu Jing in the next Expendables if Jet Li not returning
An excellent apex and an outstanding acme of China's film: Wolf Warriors II, a Wujing's film
The film is a prism to refract China's prosperous economics. The film is a sketch of China's responsible diplomacy. The film is a muscle-showing of strong China's military. The film is a visual metaphor of CPC's policies especially and Xijinping's ideas on govern contemporary China. Therefore, both China's audiences, professors, scholars and China's government like it, now whose box only in mainland China is near to RMB 5,700,000,000 Yuan, up to Oct 4th, 2017. China's film is trying its best to exceed Hollywood, USA.
A movie with a passion
A movie with a passion.The pattern is much higher compared to the first part,If you watch the movie, I believe you will love it, or at least the week the global box office champion, the background of the story is based on a true story, the cruelty of war description is very real, but action is also very exciting, I recommend.
Improvement on the original with more over the top action and Chinese nationalism
The blockbuster sequel shows the global superpower flexing their military might and expanding the story of the Wolf Warrior. Leng Feng (Jing Wu) has left China after having trouble with the law when he beats up a greedy developer to death. He is on a mission to avenge his love Long Xiayun (Nan Yu) who was murdered in Africa. All he has to go off of is a bullet with a unique design. The opening sequence has Leng fighting off pirates in a decent underwater fight scene. Leng drowns his sorrows with beer even though he used to not drink at all. He has fallen into the Chinese wine trade with his helper Tundu (Nwachukwu Chukwuebuka), a young African boy. Their business dealings are stopped when rebels burst into the city and start killing civilians. Leng fights off the rebels and flees with Tundu to the Chinese embassy. It's not clear which African country the story is set in but there is a marked display of Chinese naval might.

The UN prevents China from acting in the African conflict so Leng Feng is forced to act on his own. He sets out first to save Dr. Chen, a scientist who has been studying a deadly disease known as Lamanlan. The physicians are held hostage by a ruthless gang of mercenaries led by Big Daddy (Frank Grillo). The evil Russian mercenary Bear (Oleg Prudius) interrogates the doctors and Dr. Rachael Smith (Celina Jade) tries to cover for Dr. Chen, but the Bear executes some of the prisoners. Athena (Heidi Moneymaker) is another mercenary who assist Bear when Leng Feng crashes in to save the doctors. Dr. Chen dies but he asks Leng Feng to protect his daughter Pasha (Diana Sylla).

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extremely stupid and tons of nationalism
Extremely stupid. Action movies still may not be stupid, this movie has action, but it also has a crying-out stupidity. The further into the film, the more ridiculous and unrealistic become the fighting scenes, ending up with Chinese-comedy-style fighting. Tons of naive propaganda and nationalism (not that I have anything special against Chinese propaganda - but about propaganda in general). A bit too lengthy - last half an hour fighting is excessive and boring already.

Having said all that, this is a large success in China. Probably, because this is precisely what people in China want now. China becomes progressively nationalistic and militarized over the past few years and people need local heroes, not the Batman or the private Ryan. Stupidity is just a reflection of the (temporary) low average level of cultural intelligence of the audience. There is also Chinese expansion to Africa, successful or not, so the movie setup is quite relevant to country's current political intentions.

There is some goodness in this movie though. Fight choreography is good; anatomy/specifics of Chinese nationalism is interesting to watch; Africa problems worth reminding people of. But stupidity kind of kills it all.
Awesome flick from China, this one is bigger than the 1st, watch it first if you haven't
This is an awesome heroic movie with a lot of actions from hand to hand combat to gunfight that involve RPG, and bigger firepower with TANKS and missiles.

At one point of the movie, it got me thinking did the China government lend those tanks or what. I couldn't remember the last time I watched a movie that involves tanks, but the tank fight is so grand and satisfying in this movie.

It's definitely bigger than the first, and the first one is awesome too, watch them both.

I'm surprised that the cost for making this movie is much cheaper than I expected.
The most interesting movie
Loved the opening 6 minutes long shot underwater battle scenes! It has never seen in any other movies,because the shooting is really difficult and requires a variety of skills. After the film came back to search, Wu Jing will be swimming, diving, skiing, flying, shooting and other skills, but also specifically to the special forces as soldiers for 18 months... I really admire the movie maker!
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